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Kitchen Designs in Melbourne

Mexican regional cuisine and grilling meats on Argentinian parillas are just the latest global food phenomena to sweep Melbourne. The city is a melting pot of foods from around the world, its residents are becoming more adventurous and more confident about what they are making at home, and in turn the kitchen has become the most important room in the home. Upgrading appliances, accommodating new gadgets and making the room an ambient space for eating as well as cooking have all contributed to the refinement of Melbourne kitchen designs.

30 years of experience means your kitchen design will shine

We are aware that there is a dizzying array of products, styles and storage options available, so we help our clients arrive at choices that match their lifestyle and the existing décor of their homes. Through a collaborative approach we identify what already works well and what the most important additional needs are for each individual client. Our sound knowledge of the building industry and 30 years’ experience in kitchen design enables us to make suggestions that deliver practical solutions that are still in line with our customers’ own vision of the room they would like to create.

Our kitchen design process for Melbourne

Melbourne’s reputation as a centre for design and technology is reflected in the quality and range of appliances and cabinetry available on the market. We have a network of the most reputable suppliers on which to draw, so we can devise plans to suit any taste or budget. Once we have settled on the layout and selected products, in consultation with our clients, we do the ordering – the volume of products we obtain from suppliers, and our long-term relationships with them, means us taking responsibility for this task saves our customers not just time but also money. We can then develop the kitchen designs into the reality of a practical and attractive space.